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The international air freight

by:CNS     2020-05-14
The advantage of the characteristics of the international air transport of goods air transport transport speed is not affected by surface condition, can inland areas safe and accurate cut down the cost of packing, insurance, interest, and so on the limitations of air transport of air cargo transportation cost is higher than other transportation way, not suitable for low value goods; Air transport aircraft capacity is limited, for bulk goods or bulk cargo transportation has certain restrictions; Easily affected by the bad weather, and so on aircraft flight safety of civil aviation in China about the international air freight the general provisions of the provisions of the carriage of goods carriage of goods by the carrier in the application, should first fill in the right & other; International cargo shipping book, and then carry the shipping and the goods export list, invoice, packing list, as well as customs, commodity inspection need certificates and documents to the customs offices for handling the export formalities, such as by civil aviation again fill in open air waybill. Each batch of goods on an air waybill, charter transportation of goods, each vehicles on an air waybill. Awb is the shipping contract between the carrier and the shipper, and the air transport document. Awb is composed of two groups of words, the first set of words & other; 999 for China's civil code, a second set of words for the air waybill number sequence. Air waybills in three originals, number of copies, one original with the goods, a carrier, a shipper. When checked, should according to the nature of the goods, shape, weight, volume, packaging, etc. , in each package write the consignor and consignee name and address on the package, and the container number and shipping mark logo, etc. After shipment, such as occurs midway stop, back to provenance, change, change destination consignee and other accidents, but by air waybill require changes to transport goods after delivery of the goods shipped to the destination, by notice in writing or phones consignee pick up the goods. After the consignee received notice should be completed by the customs formalities, and check whether there is any damage on the goods on the spot, if there are any damage, shortage, should immediately to the carrier, customs or the relevant departments of contact, and make transportation accident record. After sending the notice of delivery from the next day, the international goods keep 5 days free, beyond the above time limit, the charge fee by the regulation. Partial the duration of the goods arrived, should notice to extract the computation since the day after the last batch of goods. The provisions of the transportation cost airlines cargo by the ocean freight of the goods, goods class rate, general cargo rate of three categories. Special special cargo ocean freight of the goods by air transport association, according to certain routes have regular special carriage of goods by the shipper, or to promote a transport of goods, in a region, apply to the international air transport association, after agreed to formulate special cargo freight. The consignor is an easy to use the airline competitive freight capacity, so it is generally lower than that of ordinary goods freight rate. Goods ranks freight cargo freight is on the basis of general cargo freight, plus or minus a certain percentage of the published, is suitable for the specified area a few goods transportation. General cargo freight general cargo rate refers to the level of this kind of goods is not applicable rate, and no special commodity rate, use the general cargo freight.
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