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The international air freight items from damage in transit

by:CNS     2020-08-11
International air freight items from damage in transit in international air transportation, each transaction of goods, from the seller to the buyer's hand, is generally going to go a long way, in this process, the international air cargo may have natural disasters or accidents, so that the loss of goods, the shipper in order to pass on the risk in the goods in transit, usually to insure the goods transportation. When the shipper fresh perishable items, shall provide the maximum allowed to transport and transport considerations, finalize shipping space, according to the agreed time to send the shipping formalities at the airport. Government regulations require quarantine of fresh perishable goods, the relevant departments of the quarantine certificate shall be issued. Shanghai air cargo packing shall guarantee that the goods during transport from damage or loss, leakage, from aircraft damage and pollution, equipment or other items. The goods packing should be strong sound, light, conform to the requirements for the entire transport. International freight forwarder in Shanghai (Shanghai forwarder company kbans) Professional forwarder company in Shanghai ( www。 kbans。 com)
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