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The international air new strategy, improve the network of air cargo hub layout

by:CNS     2020-08-08
International air new strategy, improve the network of air cargo hub layout in recent years, won steady development of China's air cargo, freight volume 753 this year. 20000 tons, the second in the world. Whether it is a service project of reform and opening up, to ensure smooth supply chain management, or in the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, air freight is give full play to the key effect. Is not optimistic in today's complex international nature of the environment, to ensure smooth international supply chain management is particularly important. Against pneumonia outbreak in 2020, the international air transport logistics & other; Can't get into & throughout; “ Get out & throughout; Highlighting their differences, unbalanced development trend of air cargo is not enough problems highlighted, and the influence of our country in the world the whole industry chain is not matching, social and economic development trend in the service project, to ensure smooth supply chain management on still has great difference. He proposed the basic construction of air cargo area, choose industry chain comprehensive transportation and improve the supporting facilities are complete, broad geographical and the future development, the airport is under construction or retrofit technology professional freight logistics. Pneumonia outbreak exposure to air freight vulnerabilities today, foreign pneumonia outbreak is still not optimistic, international cargo management system of rupture risk continues to supply chain management. “ Deployed to further improve the ability of international air transport logistics in our country, hard smooth supply chain management. ” Previously held Wednesday presided by The General Office of the State Council stressed that the international air transport logistics ability in our country have significant vulnerabilities, by pneumonia outbreak impact domestic air passenger jet greatly reduce abdominal compartment freight logistics, international supply chain management of industrial chain in our country have a great harm. Materials display information, air are more dependent upon the abdominal compartment transport logistics in our country, the whole transport freight volume accounted for a third. Once you put full belly space, you must wait next airport, freight logistics transport capacity is very limited, if the flight delays, the timeliness of delivery company also will be relatively weak. This and freight logistics in our country to develop the transport of goods is not the airport planning as a whole. By the end of this year, transport airport 235 existing in our country, its full-year 1710 ton freight traffic volume, year-on-year growth rate of 2. Carriage of goods by 1%, less than the current increase 6. 9%. Improve the Internet reasonable layout of freight logistics core airport air logistics core should consider what standard? It is mixed ratio, namely the airport traffic ( M) And the amount of freight ( -) In the ratio of 2. 00 the following; The second is the aircraft landing gear time share is beyond 50%. In addition, there is also a key element is the airport design guidance and market operation mode. The airport is a freight logistics freight logistics core for design guidance, such as ensure express logistics preference, transport channel choice and the ups and downs, logistics warehousing commercial land management scale commercial land far in excess of the terminal. Freight logistics core airport will be carried out by one or several international freight enterprise main business, rather than the airport enterprise or state-owned enterprises, the market opening to the outside world and develop design level is extremely high. Work from international experience, airport air cargo core tend to open a shop location in the condition of transportation, cost and artificial cost advantages and significantly course resources abundant lower-tier cities, and then complete Internet drive to airlines freight logistics, freight logistics industry, industrial revitalization lure relative path to the development trend of big cities. Logistics industry will play a good air freight logistics this & other; Card & throughout; According to the survey, when the average GDP above $2000, you will gradually increase to the requirement of high value items. Average GDP for the first time in our country promote $10000 this year, China's social and economic development relative path to consumption by way of project investment drives the drive way. This represents, high added value, strong timeliness of product will be popular, air freight logistics will increasingly critical in wisdom logistics system software. “ To protection is the key way to prevent outbreak of SARS at the beginning, harm is larger logistics industry; And the variability of pneumonia outbreak destruction of supply chain management is the most serious management system. Freight logistics immediately join the production and consumption, the logistics supply chain is a top priority pesthole epidemic prevention emergency supplies and daily necessities and the key to ensure the key point, also is the most important pesthole resume work and production management system to ensure that the most important. ” Entered the new era, the information management, under the strong promotion of economic globalization, the whole industry chain asset restructuring to further accelerate, join in the middle and lower reaches of the company's freight logistics theme activities also slowly to produce integrated supply chain management, logistics service slowly from the service project into a single company services supply chain management. Logistics industry must organize system software and integration of all kinds of freight logistics supply chain management requirements, according to the process optimization and integration of supply chain management of various logistics resources, produce toward specialization and integration of the supply chain management the whole process of new logistics service management and security system.
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