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The international air transport and international express delivery has a fundamentally different

by:CNS     2020-08-12
International air freight and international express delivery has a fundamentally different company leadership yesterday no word, small make up to just know the international air transportation and international express delivery as two different mode of transportation, should have a fundamentally different. The following work to everyone's international logistics do a simple analysis, hope to help everyone! 1, transportation subject first of all, the international air transport is the main carrier of the major airlines, such as China international airlines, Japan airlines, Singapore airlines, shenzhen airlines, Thai airways, Malaysia airlines, northwest airlines, etc. Freight forwarding through these major international airlines will you want to transport the goods to the specified destination ( The receive city airport) 。 International express mainly express company, is the main transport entities such as the China post EMS express, DHL sinotrans DHL, TNT TNT, the United States, ups ups, fedex, and other major international Courier company. We will mail the package mainly through these international Courier company delivered to the destination. However, we usually main contact with international freight forwarders, because they have been the price is far lower than the express company announced price. If they find a Courier company directly, transportation costs will increase several times, so looking for freight forwarding is the only option for small and medium-sized sellers. 2, international air freight service scope can only be sent to the airport, and international express is usually door to door. 3, service content, the international air transport: the destination countries not including customs clearance, the guests need to pick up the goods at the airport customs clearance, destination country also does not include the tariffs. International express: domestic and destination customs clearance agent services, package delivery, but does not include the package destination tariffs. 4 have the same time, aging international air transportation and international express delivery restrictions, about a few days. Some places by the international air freight faster, faster and others by international Courier. To Tokyo, Japan, for example, the international air transport is supposed to be the fastest. Today it was invented. Aging speed is mainly related to the following three factors: (1) the efficiency of the transportation company and strength (2) the airport flight schedule (3) the destination customs clearance speed. 5, the calculation method of international air freight charge method is take the volume weight and actual weight of one of the biggest ( Note: the volume weight is according to the length * width * height > 5000 formula, the length, width and height are calculated according to cm. Bulk cargo is called throwing goods, also known as bubble goods. Such as nano pillow, actual weight only 5 kg, but the volume weight is reached 28 kg. International express industry mainly express company, such as the big four express giant DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, are calculated in the same way as with international air freight, which will be subject to volume and the actual weight so much. Only EMS International Express is an exception, charge by weight ( Don't calculate volume weight, but limit the total package sizes) 。 6, tracking international air cargo way: you can take the bill of lading number query on airline website. International express: can use international express company to provide the awb, the Courier company web site to track the query. 7, the advantage of their advantages of international air transport: international air transport service provider directly cooperation with major airlines, cost is relatively low, so the natural below Courier shipping costs. For example, a larger and heavier goods has advantages in terms of air freight billing. The main body of air transport is a large international airlines can be in any place to do so at the airport, and almost no blind area. Is different from the Courier, they charge according to the distance, express sometimes depends on their trade with local charge. For example, eastern Europe, northern Europe, west Asia, Latin America and Africa and other countries are particularly high for remote country. In this case, we choose air freight is more suitable. The advantage of the international express delivery, international express is the main service documents and small packages, so start at less than by air, timeliness and faster. International Courier company are their own network, more convenient tracking and query the goods, and have the detailed transfer record. In addition, the Courier service is door to door, can replace customers go through the formalities of customs declaration, customs clearance, commodity inspection, etc.
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