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The international air transport and international express what's the difference

by:CNS     2020-08-12
The difference between international air transportation and international express what the main body of international air transportation is the main airlines, such as Air China, Japan airlines, Singapore airlines, shenzhen airlines, Thai airways, Malaysia airlines and northwest airlines. Transportation company through these major international airlines will you want to check the goods transported to the specified destination ( The receive city airport) 。 The main body of international express is mainly express companies, such as the China post EMS express, DHL sinotrans DHL, TNT TNT, UPS UPS in the United States, the United States FEDEX FEDEX and other major international Courier company. We will mail the package is mainly transported to the destination by the international Courier company. However, we usually contact international freight forwarders. A to the airport, international air freight service scope only ( There are also some short-haul flights) And international express is usually go from door to door delivery. Second, the service content delivery: domestic and destination customs clearance agent services, package delivery, but not a national tariffs. Air transport: I don't need to customs clearance. Guests must be heading to the airport to receive the goods and customs clearance. Three, timeliness international air transportation and international express transportation time is almost the same, is about a few days. Some places use international air freight faster, faster in some places use international express. To Tokyo, Japan, for example, the use of international air freight should be to the fastest, in general, the difference will not be huge. Four, billing mode in international air freight by volume weight and actual weight is used to calculate. Throw volume cargo shipment, also called cargo. Such as cotton. Major international express Courier company, such as the four international express giants - DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx is the same as the international air freight, to calculate the freight, the bigger volume weight and actual weight. An exception is only EMS international express, charge by weight ( No matter the size) 。 Five, tracking delivery the goods way: you can use the international express company to provide the waybill number query tracking express company website. Air transportation: you can use the bill of lading number to check the airline's website. Sixth, the advantage of international air transportation and international express international air transportation has the advantage of direct cooperation with major airlines, relatively low cost, so the freight is lower than natural express way. For example, the heavy goods has advantages in terms of freight charges. The body of the air transport is all the major international airlines are as long as can be done at the airport. There is almost no blind spot. Unlike fedex, they charge according to the distance. Express sometimes depends on local trade. How much is the charge. For example, eastern Europe, northern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa and other countries is positioned for express delivery service in the remote country, this especially in the aspect of billing. In this case, we choose the air transport mode is more suitable. Mainly is the advantage of international express service package is the file and the small items, so his starting price lower than the air transport, time is also faster. International express co. , LTD. Is a network of their own, in terms of tracking and query the goods will be more convenient. And there will be a detailed transfer record. There is also a Courier service, door to door namely, can take the place of customs clearance, customs clearance and commodity inspection.
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