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The international air transport is the market leader in the global Courier industry

by:CNS     2020-08-10
International air transportation is global market leader in the international air express industry in more than 220 countries and regions in the world to provide emergency documents and goods transportation services, international air freight on time and reliable door to door delivery service, and the most widely established global express delivery network, is the market leader in the global express delivery industry. The international air transport to customers to provide more professional and refinement of the services, the international air transport has established the advanced shipping information collaboration platform, has realized the freight each link of the supply chain seamless docking. International air freight to reduce customer costs, increase efficiency to maintain competitive advantage. Shanghai air won the international well-known large companies. Support for many years, customers and the company diligently enterprising employees, we in the international air freight business has achieved excellent results; With the expansion of the business, improve the quality of service, we win the customer the consistent high praise. International air freight 丨 ( /news/kongyunxingyedongtai)
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