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The international air transport mode is widely used by customers

by:CNS     2020-08-09
International air transport mode is widely adopted by the international air freight to customers to provide you with safe, fast and reasonable cost of logistics solutions. The international air transport is one of the fastest information, used by the average time to reach the seven areas - 1. 786 days. Even the distance is relatively remote county town can be delivered within 2 days. And delivery to your hand. The international air transport compared with other modes of transportation, is relatively young transportation industry. The Wright brothers in the United States finished first in the world have controlled flight test aircraft dynamics, steady, marked a new epoch in air transport, also marks the birth of civil aviation. Aircraft used for reconnaissance, fighting and transport took part in the first world war, and played a huge role. With the rapid development of the post-war international trade, with a quick, safe, accurate, save miscellaneous fees, procedure is simple, etc. Air transport as the mode of transportation of international trade is more and more widely used, its role is increasingly significant, development is very rapid. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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