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The Japanese government plans to strengthen the monitoring of international air cargo and passenger data

by:CNS     2020-08-02
The Japanese government for international air cargo and passenger data monitoring as part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and paralympic games on terrorism, the Japanese government will from March 2019 to strengthen the monitoring of international air cargo and passenger flight data. Besides airlines original report content and number of goods, it also requires must report in advance details of the sender and the receiver. Passenger reservation information should also be in the form of electronic data report. Japan's kyodo news agency reported on September 5, a move aimed at in advance to collect more detailed information, in the border checkpoint interception of terrorism and smuggling of dangerous goods. According to Japan's fiscal and the introduction of the customs department, international air freight representative company will be required to report the number of goods and contents, the sender and the receiver's name and address, etc. Through the government and the public sharing of import and export and port related information processing system. Since the end of March 2019, all air cargo must be arrived in three hours before the report. If it is false or intentionally hide, according to the customs law, shall be put to more than one year in prison or 500000 yen ( About 30000 yuan) The following penalties. At the same time, the international flights were allowed to submit in writing so far name, birth date and flight booking in principle also required in the form of electronic data report in advance. Not only the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan's rugby World Cup, the g20 summit and relevant ministerial meeting will be held in 2019. Overseas personnel and supplies in and out of the will increase dramatically. Through control of cargo and passenger details in advance and make sure the security, the Japanese will try to strengthen counter-terrorism measures and to achieve more effective immigration controls and customs.
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