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The meaning, content and specific requirements of warehousing planning

by:CNS     2021-07-16
The meaning, content and specific requirements of warehousing planning 2021-06-20 17:57:52 (1) The meaning of warehousing planning Warehousing planning refers to warehouse layout, warehouse location selection, warehouse general business layout, warehouse main building structure types , The layout and utilization of warehouse storage space and the planning of reasonable configuration of storage facilities. (2) Warehousing planning content Warehousing planning mainly includes the following aspects: the configuration of material warehouse outlets; the selection of material warehouse locations; the reasonable layout of the enterprise warehouse; the determination of the type and scale of warehouse buildings; the various types and types of warehouses The determination of the scale; the determination of the technical operation process of the warehouse; the budgetary estimate of the investment and operating expenses of the warehouse construction. (3) The specific requirements of storage planning Storage planning is a very important technical work, and sufficient attention must be paid to it and certain requirements must be put forward. Practical experience shows that storage planning should meet the following requirements: 1. Serious storage planning is to make decisions on important issues in warehouse construction. Once it is implemented, it is difficult to change it. The Guangzhou-Ganzhou logistics line will have long-term adverse effects due to the sequelae caused by unreasonable planning. Therefore, when carrying out storage planning, we must be serious, meticulous, and must not be rushed. 2. Scientific storage planning must conform to scientific principles, and the optimal plan must be put forward through analysis, calculation and comparison. 3. Applicability Warehousing planning must proceed from reality, meet actual needs, and meet the requirements of material supply and warehousing procedures. 4. Economical storage planning and construction require a lot of investment, and careful planning must be made to save investment and operating costs. 5. Feasibility The overall planning of the warehouse must consider feasibility, including the feasibility of funds, materials, personnel, technology, management and other aspects. 6. Predictive storage planning contains time factors, which must not only meet current needs, but also consider the possibility of future development. 1050
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