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The meaning of inventory of foreign trade

by:CNS     2020-05-15
Inventory of foreign trade, foreign trade products, so-called points many kinds: 1, brand designated manufacturer according to brand customer order model for single, after using the normal production of excess material and ingredients ( Good brand use fabrics, especially technology fabrics are usually provided by brands to manufacturers, these fabrics are generally have a patent) 。 2, brand designated manufacturer according to customer order samples for package insert brand, using parameter performance close to domestic fabrics instead of patent fabrics, processing production of finished products. 3, manufacturers meet foreign orders for processing, this kind of products to choose the fabric, accessories and process are required to pass through the foreign confirmation before mass production. Does not exclude the foreign to first-line brand, but does not include marking. Is generally in accordance with the foreign independent brand marking. 4, some manufacturers according to the market sell like hot cakes commodities or a second-tier brands to copy of the finished product. These products are known as: & other; Foreign trade goods & throughout; Before, generally three types of product quality is relatively good. In addition to the fabric difference, the same manufacturer production process is the same, and the fourth kind of finished product quality is uneven, some small manufacturer on these items to fish in troubled waters, the main or specific what manufacturer production, chose what kind of fabrics, accessories, production process. General parameters of the same import fabrics and domestic fabrics by one times or so, the price of so production costs vary a lot. And choose what kind of accessories, adopt what kind of production process and finished goods inspection process, etc. , are directly affect the commodity prices. It is important to note that the manufacturer redundant after finished product batch production brand goods delivery, don't call the foreign trade products, it is the tail goods, also known as a single. Is the manufacturer in order to prevent due to defective appeared in the process of production and affect the normal delivery, tend to produce more than the order quantity of the finished product to spare, can buy this kind of product is also good. It is worth mentioning that the inventory of foreign trade clothing wholesale, clothing production enterprise in our country to more than half of the global garment processing tasks. While foreign brands tend to use when placing order & other; Do processing & throughout; Way, in order to ensure sufficient quantity of qualified products, of course material ration will certainly be greater than the order requirements. And processing factory after order delivery, there will always be part of the residual, this portion of the goods became a tail goods.
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