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The meaning of LTL transportation

by:CNS     2021-07-03
The meaning of LTL transportation 2021-06-20 13:43:37 1. The so-called LTL cargo refers to the weight or volume of the consignment of a cargo waybill (a batch) that is not enough to load one truck (that is, it is not enough for the transportation of the entire truck) 2. When the weight or volume of a batch of goods is less than that of a truck, it can be shipped in the same truck with several other batches or even hundreds of shipments, which is called LTL transportation.  3. Regulations on LTL consignment: In order to facilitate the assembly and storage, each batch of LTL cargo shall not exceed 300 pieces, and the minimum volume of each piece of LTL cargo shall not be less than 0.02 cubic meters (except for one piece weighing more than 10 kg). 4. The following goods shall not be consigned as part-carload:    (1) goods that require refrigeration, insulation or heating;    (2) dangerous goods that are limited to the entire vehicle;    (3) filthy goods that are likely to contaminate other goods (such as not passing through) Animal bones, wet fur, feces, carbon black, etc. that have been disinfected or not used in sealed and leak-proof packaging);   (4) bees;   (5) goods whose number is not easy to count;   (6) live animals without containers (Railway Administration Regulations) Except those that can be transported as less than carload in the pipeline);    (7) A piece of cargo with a weight of more than 2 tons, a volume of more than 3 cubic meters or a length of more than 9 meters (except for those confirmed by the departure station that it will not affect the transfer station and the loading and unloading operations of the arrival station ).  5. The organization of direct LTL transportation within a dedicated line or dedicated railway shall be handled by the railway station and the shipper through consultation and signing of an agreement with the approval of the railway branch; if a transfer of LTL transportation is organized, it shall be approved by the railway bureau. 2103
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