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The mode of transportation of goods by sea

by:CNS     2020-05-09
Widely adopted on current international operation ways of oceangoing ships can be divided into two categories, namely liner shipping and charter transportation. 1, the liner is also called the vessel transport on a regular basis. Refers to the ship sailing schedule in advance ( Schedule) On specific routes to the established affiliated port order, regularly engaged in the route between the port of shipping. Liner shipping and can be divided into two forms: ( 1) The core is a kind of alignment liner liner, is refers to the ship in strict accordance with the sailing schedule run released in advance, to the time from the port is fixed the so-called real transportation routing liner. This is the main form of liner shipping. ( 2) The other is a alignment does not regularly. Refers to is the sailing schedule, but the ship to the time from the port has the certain scale; Also have a fixed port and into port, but the way the affiliated port according to the condition of supply may add to or omit. 2, charter transportation, also known as the tramp, is relative to the liner, the liner transport in terms of another kind of ocean vessel operates. It's different from the liner, with no prior to set up the sailing schedule, routes, the affiliated ports is not fixed, has the characteristics of the drift and stray.
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