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The must-see route information for freight forwarders (2) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-03
The must-see route information for freight forwarders (2): 2018-08-27 14:46:00 2. Atlantic route (1) Northwestern Europe-North American east coast route This route is Western Europe, North America, one of the two most industrially developed regions in the world The transportation line for the exchange of raw materials, fuels and products between the two sides of the strait has important ports for the World Cup/5. The transportation is extremely busy, and most of the ships take the North Great Circle route. In winter, the navigation area has heavy wind and waves, dense fog and icebergs, which threaten the safety of navigation. (2) Northwestern Europe, North American East Coast-Caribbean route Northwestern Europe-Caribbean route mostly crosses the North Atlantic after leaving the English Channel. Together with ships departing from ports on the east coast of North America, it generally enters the Caribbean Sea via Mona and the Windward Channel. In addition to the ports along the Caribbean Sea, the ports on the Pacific coast of the Americas can also be reached via the Panama Canal. (3) Northwestern Europe, East Coast of North America--Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal--Asia-Pacific route Northwestern Europe, North American East Damage--Mediterranean--Suez route is the busiest segment in the world, it is North America, Northwestern Europe and the Asia-Pacific Gulf region Shortcuts to trade exchanges between. The route generally passes through Azores, a terminal on the Madeira Islands. (4) Northwestern Europe, Mediterranean Sea-South America East Coast route This route generally passes through the terminal on the Atlantic islands of West Africa-Canary and Cape Verde Islands. (5) Northwestern Europe, North America East China Sea-Cape of Good Hope, Far East route This route is generally the oil route of giant tankers. The Cape Verde Islands and the Canary Islands are the main terminals for passing ships. (6) South American East China Sea-Cape of Good Hope-Far East route This is a transportation route mainly for oil and ore. The route is in the west wind drifting sea area with heavy wind and waves. Generally, the west flight is northbound, and the east flight is southbound.
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