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The nature of international freight forwarding

by:CNS     2021-07-13
The nature of international freight forwarding 2021-06-20 15:18:14 The term 'freight forwarder' has two meanings: one refers to the freight forwarder; the other refers to the freight forwarding industry. Therefore, the nature of international freight forwarders can also be understood from the two perspectives of international freight forwarders and the international freight forwarding industry. The essence of international freight forwarders is the person who is involved in the transportation of goods, that is, the agent of the owner (consignor or consignee). As an agent, it is a cargo transportation intermediary that contacts the consignor, consignee and carrier. (1) On behalf of the shipper, choose the transportation route, transportation method, and carrier on behalf of the shipper, book the space with the carrier, prepare trade and transportation documents, arrange short-distance transportation, storage, weighing, insurance, inspection, and inspection. Apply for inspection and customs clearance procedures, and pay related fees to the carrier, storage custodian and relevant authorities. (2) Receiving the goods on behalf of the consignee, checking the transportation documents, handling the inspection, inspection and customs clearance procedures of the goods, picking up the goods, arranging warehousing and short-distance transportation, paying the freight and other related expenses, and assisting the receipt of the goods Claims by the responsible party, etc. (3) On behalf of the carrier, soliciting, loading, packing, consolidation, unpacking, and issuance of transportation documents on behalf of the carrier. International freight forwarders sometimes also engage in warehousing and short-distance transportation of goods as independent operators, or issue waybills and bills of lading as contracting carriers, but this is to meet the needs of market competition. Guangzhou to Tacheng Logistics is in order to meet The special needs of a specific customer, as long as it is not the owner or operator of the main means of transport, will not change its essential characteristics as an agent. 1458
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