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The nature of the aviation logistics industry

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The nature of the aviation logistics industry 2021-06-20 17:40:57 (1) The aviation logistics industry is a productive service industry. The aviation logistics industry is an important part of the tertiary industry and the logistics industry, not only the service industry, but also the productive service industry. Producer service industry refers to the industry that provides services for the physical production and service production of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries. Production is divided into agricultural production, industrial production and service industry production, agricultural production produces agricultural products, industrial production produces industrial products, and service industry produces service products. Whether it is agricultural production, industrial production or service industry production, outsourcing services need to be input into the production process of enterprises as production factors, and these outsourcing services constitute service production materials. Some service products serve both production and consumption. Internationally, the service sector where more than 50% of the products are used for production is called the productive service industry, and the service sector where more than 50% of the products are used for consumption is called the consumer service industry. In developed countries, the producer service industry accounts for more than ω% of the entire service industry, and its development speed is also significantly faster than that of the consumer service industry. The modern aviation logistics industry is an industry that mainly serves producers and belongs to the productive service industry. (2) The aviation logistics industry has a natural monopoly. From the perspective of my country's national conditions and the development of aviation logistics at this stage and even a relatively long period of time, aviation logistics industry is a natural monopoly industry. The high technology intensiveness of aviation logistics and the high risk and high investment in the early stage undoubtedly raise the barriers to entry of the industry, setting barriers to entry for ordinary investors, that is, the capital technology intensive characteristics of aviation logistics directly lead to the natural monopoly of the industry . In the early stage of the development of the aviation logistics industry, due to cost and safety issues, the market demand was low. Within a certain market capacity, it was possible to operate one or a few companies, forming a monopoly, making the industry a natural monopoly industry. Characteristics. Limited by natural and technological conditions, the limited resources of airports and air routes further restrict the expansion of market capacity and aggravate the natural monopoly nature of the industry. Within a certain space, the limited market demand is operated by one or a few companies. The most efficient, the aviation logistics industry presents a monopoly.
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