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The nature of the forwarder

by:CNS     2020-05-12
International shipping agent enterprises management regulations of the People's Republic of China has been clear about the definition of international cargo agents, namely: refers to the entrusted cargo import and export goods, consignor, or in the name of the principal in its own name, for the client to deal with international cargo transport industry and related business and charge service reward. With the development of international trade, transport, international freight forwarder has penetrated into every field of international trade, as an important and indispensable component in the international trade. The rapid development of market economy, the social division of labor increasingly tend to be more clear, a single trade manager or a single transport operators do not have enough power to deal with each specific business, they need to deal with a series of entrusted agent for its business procedures, to achieve their purpose. The basic characteristics of international forwarding agent is entrusted by the principal or authorized agents of various international trade, transport services required for the business, and for a reward, or as an independent operator and organize the transport of goods, warehousing operations, and therefore is considered to be the organizer of international transport, also known as the bridge of international trade and international transport of goods of the designer.
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