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The necessary knowledge and psychological quality of freight forwarding

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The necessary knowledge and psychological qualities of freight forwarders 2021-06-20 22:05:23 Today's freight market has become increasingly mature and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The forefront of competition is contracting business. Of course, there are many factors that affect the effectiveness of sourcing, but one of the most important factors is whether the business communication with customers is effective. The purpose of effective communication is to know yourself and the enemy, find the entry point, and interact with customers benignly, so as to establish a business partnership with customers; whether a beneficial customer visit can be completed, whether a valuable customer can be developed, and whether a freight rate can be achieved Adjusting, soliciting the source of goods for a route, sometimes depends on whether you have made a rapport and effective communication with the customer; communication runs through the entire solicitation process; it can even be said that the Guangzhou-Anhui freight line should increase the sale of goods. Ability, we must first improve business communication skills; to improve business communication skills, master and flexibly use sales skills, in order to achieve the goal of soliciting sales requires unremitting efforts. It is also a process of continuous learning, accumulation, summary and improvement. The necessary knowledge and psychological qualities of a salesperson: As a salesperson, you must first know the enemy before you can survive all battles. 1. Enriching one's own business knowledge ①. Learning the operation process; ②. Mastering the knowledge of freight rates; ③. Understanding the port and the country; ④. The ability to respond to problems raised by customers. 2. Understanding of the company's business ①. To understand the company's strengths and weaknesses; ②. To understand the company's market position and operating conditions. 3. Investigate the market ①. To understand the freight rate level of the peers; ②. To understand the freight rate, shipping schedule, whole journey, and destination port agency required by the customer; ③. Foresee the future market conditions. 4. Must have the spirit of hard work ①. Visiting customers must be diligent and efficient; ②. 10 key attacks can be selected from 100 customers to find out the customer groups we need. 5. Adjust your mentality: positive, optimistic, and upward. (1) One of the basic conditions for the success of a 1% salesperson is to have self-confidence, and to have the mentality to resist setbacks, train and face each ' To achieve 1% success, the 99% rejection cannot avoid the psychological endurance. Only in this way, will the fire of hope be rekindled when frustrated. (2) Attention to asking for and helping people: Selling is not begging, customers need our help in many cases. (3) Self-confidence and self-esteem 'Sales start from being rejected.' It is with 'rejection' that there is a need for a salesperson; when they see a salesperson, few people smile and welcome you with open arms. It even makes people feel abnormal. (4) Principles and creed 'Customers are always right.' The Guangzhou-Fujian freight line must understand and respect the requirements of customers, but not to meet all his requirements. In fact, he couldn't meet all his requirements. 1197
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