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The position of loading and unloading in logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The position of loading, unloading and handling in logistics 2021-06-20 21:45:17 Loading, unloading and handling is one of the basic functions of logistics and an indispensable part of the entire logistics link. In the logistics process, transportation can produce 'space utility' and storage can produce 'time utility'. Although loading, unloading and handling can not create new utility, it is the most frequent operation activity in various logistics activities. Whether it is the transportation, storage and custody of commodities, or the warehousing, distribution, packaging and circulation processing of commodities, they are inseparable from handling. Since each loading and unloading activity takes a long time, the efficiency of loading and unloading is often the key to determining the logistics speed. For example, according to statistics, my country's train freight transport takes 500km as the demarcation point, and the transport distance exceeds 500km, and the transit time is longer than the start and end loading and unloading time; if the transport distance is less than 500km, the loading and unloading time exceeds the transit time. For another example, for ocean shipping between the United States and Japan, a round trip takes 25 days, of which the transportation time is 13 days, and the loading and unloading time accounts for 12 days. Moreover, because the loading and unloading activities consume a lot of manpower and the loading and unloading machinery and facilities are also used, the loading and unloading and handling costs account for a large proportion of the logistics cost. For example, according to statistics, the number of loading, unloading and handling of goods transported by rail in Russia is as few as six times, and as many as dozens of times. The cost of loading, unloading and handling accounts for ⒛% to 30% of the total transportation cost. In my country's railway transportation, loading and unloading operation costs roughly account for about 20% of the freight, while shipping accounts for about 40%. For another example, my country's statistics on production logistics show that for every 1t of finished products produced by a machinery factory, 252 tons of loading and unloading are required, and the handling cost is 15.5% of the processing cost. In addition, Qu Yu needs to contact the cargo during frequent loading and unloading, which may also cause damage and loss of the cargo. Therefore, loading, unloading and handling is also the main link in the logistics process that causes damage, loss, loss, mixing and other losses. For example, the damage of the bagged cement bag and the loss of cement mainly occur during the loading and unloading process, and the products such as glass, machinery, utensils, coal, etc. are also most likely to cause losses during loading and unloading. It can be seen that the level of loading and unloading efficiency, the quality of loading and unloading, and the size of loading and unloading costs are very closely related to the entire logistics activity*. They are an important link in reducing logistics costs, affecting logistics efficiency, and determining the technical and economic effects of logistics. The overall benefit of logistics plays an important role, and its importance should not be underestimated.
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