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The practical significance of accelerating the development of modern logistics industry

by:CNS     2021-07-15
The practical significance of accelerating the development of modern logistics industry 2021-06-20 20:31:54 With the development of the market economy, the logistics industry has risen from the end industry in the past to the leading industry that guides production and promotes consumption. The modern logistics industry is a comprehensive industry that focuses on modern transportation, is supported by information technology, and is based on modern manufacturing and commerce, integrating systemization, informationization, and modernization of warehousing and distribution. Therefore, its development will play a huge role in optimizing the industrial structure, enhancing the stamina of enterprise development, and improving the quality of economic operation. First of all, accelerating the development of modern logistics is an inevitable choice for optimizing the regional industrial structure and revitalizing the tertiary industry. According to the law of evolution of industrial structure, the development direction of industrial structure is the process of evolution and upgrading from the primary industry to the secondary and tertiary industries. The essence of the modern logistics industry is the tertiary industry, which is a technology-intensive and high-value-added high-tech industry. It is the product of the highly developed division of labor and specialization in modern society. It has a highly advanced asset structure, a highly technological structure, and a highly advanced labor force. The characteristics of it can promote the transformation of traditional transportation and warehousing enterprises, integrate traditional business operations, and extend the scope of services. Secondly, accelerating the development of modern logistics industry is an effective way for enterprises to reduce costs and improve the quality and efficiency of economic operation. Modern logistics is a revolution in the way of circulation, and it is the 'third source of profit' besides reducing material consumption and increasing labor productivity. In the planned economy era, production was centered. Production enterprises and circulation enterprises had large inventories and occupied a lot of funds. Transportation and warehousing enterprises had insufficient effective supply sources and low facility utilization rates, resulting in poor corporate capital turnover and poor economic operation quality. Under the conditions of market economy, Guangzhou Logistics Company's production factors and capital flow are based on the prerequisite for profit, and 'only profit is the chart' is its fundamental characteristic. By using modern logistics industry, work efficiency can be improved, production costs can be reduced, and enterprises can obtain more profits. Third, accelerating the development of modern logistics industry is an important means to provide jobs and ease employment pressure. Like the birth and development of any emerging industry, the modern logistics industry promotes the expansion of labor employment while promoting the adjustment of the industrial structure of the national economy. Finally, accelerating the development of modern logistics industry is an urgent need to improve the investment environment and expand opening up. As a service industry, the modern logistics industry has higher requirements for infrastructure conditions such as transportation and communication. It is a very important investment environment for a place, which is related to the level and image of a place's opening to the outside world.
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