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The process of warehousing business management

by:CNS     2021-07-18
The process of warehousing business management 2021-06-20 08:27:55 (1) Market research and business opportunity selection Warehousing business departments need to continuously conduct market research and discover business opportunities. Business market research mainly focuses on market supply and demand and consumers' products The changes in demand and development trends are accurately investigated and scientifically predicted. According to the market demand for warehousing services, the warehousing company combines the capabilities and strengths of the warehousing company, and follows the principle of making full use of corporate resources, meeting market needs, and obtaining maximum profits, and adopts targeted and effective measures to deal with potential customers and competitors. Of customers carry out effective publicity and promotion, and choose the right target according to the customer’s credit. (2) Signing a warehousing contract The stockholder and the warehousing insurance company clarify the warehousing rights and obligations of both parties by signing a warehousing contract. Since the warehousing of materials often takes a long time, in order to ensure that the custodian handles in strict accordance with the requirements of the inventor, avoiding disputes caused by long-term forgetting, and the third-party relationship involving the holder of the warehouse receipt, the warehousing contract requires detailed terms and content. full. (3) The depositor of the handover of warehousing goods shall deliver the warehousing goods to the custodian in accordance with the contract. The custodian shall, in accordance with the contract, prepare a good storage site before receiving the warehousing, and must check and accept the warehousing before receiving the warehousing, and confirm the status, quality and quantity of the warehousing. If the contract stipulates that the custodian shall be responsible for the loading, unloading and stacking of the warehousing goods, the custodian shall arrange and properly unload and stack them. After receiving the warehousing goods, the custodian shall issue a warehouse receipt to the depositor in accordance with the agreement. If it is agreed that the stocker will unload and store the goods, the stocker will transport the goods to the designated place for unloading according to the arrangement of the warehouse and stack them according to the requirements of the warehouse. (4) After keeping the warehousing, the custodian shall take good care of the warehousing according to reasonable and effective methods. During the storage period, if the warehousing is damaged or changed, the stocker shall be notified in time, and Guangzhou Logistics shall take necessary measures to reduce the loss. It is agreed that the stockholder or the holder of the warehouse receipt shall inspect the storage or take samples. (5) At the expiration of the storage period for the warehouse receipt holders to withdraw the goods, the holders of the warehouse receipts can withdraw the storage goods from the custodian by presenting the warehouse receipt, and deliver the storage fees and the custodian’s advance fees, overdue inventory fees and overdue surcharges. When picking up the goods, the consignor shall inspect the warehousing and confirm the status and quantity of the warehousing. After the delivery person picks up the goods, he signs the warehouse receipt and returns the warehouse receipt to the custodian. If the contract does not stipulate the storage period, the depositor or the holder of the warehouse receipt can request to take the storage goods at any time, but there should be a reasonable notice period. The consignee shall collect the damaged goods, the collected foundation goods, and the residues of the goods in the storage.
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