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The rapid global spread of the Internet has made

by:CNS     2020-07-05
Freight exchange market operates is very simple way, as a virtual 'blackboard'. Let's look how it works. The freight exchange market TransBank offers it's users to search and enter the supply of freights and free trucks without limitation for a monthly fee. In the transport sector there are also companies which choose offers or transactions. There is a need to choose a cheaper way. If the company wants to work intensively with the transport exchange, then the best course - flat fee. Every registered customer can find a suitable offer, with a choice: the date, countries, trailer type, type of freight, etc. These services are profitable for both sides - efficiency of a planning and optimization of logistics chains. Electronic exchange of freights is a good tool for the transportation industry. There are some negative opinions about freight exchange, but exactly the exchange of cargo and transport should be considered strategic factor that helps to combat competition. The freight exchange market expands opportunities of carriers Logistic market in the world is growing up steadily, at the same time requirement of freight forwarders and logistics is increasing. The freight exchange market TransBank is improving the system of free choice of freights and trucks, offering advanced features of local and international freight forwarders and their customers. Recently regular users got a bunch of new possibilities: 1. Real time notice updates, 2. Newsletter with updates by e-mail, 3. Full contact information of the chosen partner for freight transportation, 4. Chat with other users of freight exchange market (instant messaging). helps carriers to quickly and easily find partners for cargo transportation around the world. The quality of services makes it possible to optimize the cost of freight, reduce downtime of trucks, reduce empty mileage of transport in Europe, Asia and CIS - which is especially important for the international freight forwarding and logistics companies. The system allows to quickly find a freights and trailers. If you want to take the chosen freight/trucks - please register and choose a partner among the companies that had submitted ads, or place your ad with your own exchange offer.
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