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The requirements of railway consignment

by:CNS     2020-05-12
The basic requirement of railway consignment 1, according to a consignment of goods the shipper name too much, can't move within the waybill fill each record or check the goods and packaging in the same two or more goods, should propose items list in triplicate; 2, consignor of the goods waybill and items list in the chronicle of authenticity should take full responsibility, to withhold information, misstatement commodity name and weight also should pay liquidated damages in accordance with the relevant provisions. 3, the shipper perishable goods, should be in cargo waybill & quot; Name of commodity & quot; Column fill in the name of the goods, and indicate its number and thermal state, at the same time & other; Shipper's particulars & throughout; Column indicate the perishable goods allow transit period. Shipper must quarantine transportation of perishable goods, shall be made according to the relevant provisions of the state of the quarantine certificate. 4, the shipper of dangerous goods, shall issue the certificate of qualification for railway dangerous goods shipper, agent id card and business training certificate of railway dangerous goods transportation.
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