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The role of cargo acceptance

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The role of cargo acceptance 2021-06-20 21:42:58 Goods acceptance is a general term for economic and technical activities that carry out quantitative and quality inspections of human warehouse goods according to the procedures and procedures stipulated in the acceptance business process, verification vouchers, etc. All goods arriving in the warehouse must be checked and accepted before they are put into the warehouse, and only after they have passed the check and acceptance can they be regarded as formally put into the warehouse. The role of cargo acceptance is mainly manifested in the following four aspects: (1) Acceptance is the basis for commodity storage and maintenance. Goods acceptance is the basis for good cargo storage, maintenance and use. The goods arriving in the warehouse go through a series of storage and transportation links. The outer packaging of the goods will be damaged and lost. The goods without outer packaging are more likely to change. The emergence of these situations will affect the storage and maintenance of the goods. Only when the cargo is checked for acceptance and the actual condition of the cargo is identified, can corresponding measures be taken to keep and maintain the cargo according to the actual condition of the cargo. (2) Acceptance inspection is beneficial to avoid the backlog of goods and reduce economic losses. For a batch of unqualified goods, if they are not inspected and accepted, they will be put into the warehouse as qualified goods, which will inevitably cause a backlog of goods; for weighted goods, if the number of inspections is not carried out, then Pay according to the supply quantity of the relevant documents. When the actual quantity is insufficient, it will cause economic losses. Therefore, strict inspection and acceptance of goods can ensure the effectiveness of internal labor in the warehouse. (3) The acceptance record is the basis for the warehouse to submit returns, exchanges and claims. During the acceptance of the goods, if the quantity of the goods is found to be non-compliant, or the specifications are found to be inconsistent, or the quality is unqualified, the warehouse inspector shall make a detailed acceptance record. For this, the competent business department shall request the supplier to return the goods, exchange the goods, or file a claim against the responsible party of the carrier. If the goods are not strictly checked and accepted during the warehouse, or they have not made a strict acceptance record, the problem is discovered during the storage process or even when the shipment is delivered, which will cause no division of responsibilities, loss of the right to claim, and unnecessary Economic loss. Therefore, only after the goods are strictly inspected and the responsibilities of the supplier and the various circulation and transportation links before the goods enter the warehouse can be put into the warehouse that meets the requirements of the contract and meets the production needs of the company. (4) The inspection and acceptance of imported goods can ensure that national interests are reformed and opened up, making my country's economy and the world economy increasingly close, and the number and varieties of imported goods continue to increase. The Guangzhou logistics company has more complicated conditions for imported goods, country, origin and manufacturer, and must strictly and conscientiously do the inspection and acceptance work in accordance with the procedures and systems for the inspection and acceptance of imported goods. Otherwise, problems in quantity and quality will not be discovered in time. If the claim period expires, it will be difficult to negotiate even if problems are discovered, which will cause major losses to the national economy.
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