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The role of circulation processing

by:CNS     2021-07-12
The role of circulation processing 2021-06-20 17:13:27 (1) Improve the utilization of raw materials. Use the circulation processing link for centralized blanking. It is a simple specification product shipped from the production plant and blanked according to the requirements of the user department. For example, the steel plate is cut and cut: steel bars or round steel are made into blanks; wood is processed into plates and squares of various lengths and sizes. Centralized cutting can make good use of superior materials, large use of small materials, and reasonable cutting, which has very good technical and economic effects. For example, the circulation processing of flat glass (centralized cutting, opening and supply) will increase the utilization rate of glass from about 60% to 85%-95%. (2) Carrying out primary processing, which is convenient for users with small consumption or temporary needs, and lacks the ability to perform high-efficiency primary processing. Guangzhou to Chenzhou logistics rely on circulation processing to enable users to save investment, equipment and manpower for primary processing. Thereby flexible supply, convenient for users. At present, the rapid development of primary processing includes: processing cement into concrete; processing grid logs or slabs into doors and windows; cold-drawn steel bar punching special-shaped parts; steel plate pretreatment, shaping, punching and other processing. (3) Improve processing efficiency and equipment utilization. As a result of the establishment of centralized processing points, special machines and equipment with high efficiency, advanced technology and large processing volume can be used. The benefits of this are that one is to improve the processing quality, the other is to increase the utilization rate of the equipment, and the third is to increase the processing efficiency. As a result, the processing cost and the cost of raw materials are reduced. For example, when the general user department cuts the steel plate, the gas cutting method is used to leave a larger processing allowance, not only the yield rate is low, but also the structure of the steel is easily changed due to hot processing, and the processing quality is not good. High-efficiency shearing equipment can be used after concentrated processing, which prevents the above shortcomings to a certain extent. (4) Give full play to the highest efficiency of various conveying methods. The circulation processing link divides the circulation of physical objects into two stages. Generally speaking, because the equipment in the circulation processing link is set in the consumption place, the first stage transportation distance from the production plant to the circulation processing is long, and the second stage from the circulation processing to the consumption link is short. The first stage is to carry out fixed-point, direct, and large-scale long-distance transportation between a limited number of production plants and distribution processing points, so a large number of transportation methods such as ships and trains can be used; the second stage is to use cars and other small-scale transportation Vehicles are used to transport multi-specification, small-batch, multi-user products after circulation processing. This can give full play to the highest efficiency of various conveying methods, speed up the conveying speed, and save transportation and freight. 1501
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