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The role of freight forwarders

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The role of freight forwarders 2021-06-20 14:04:09 With the intensification of international trade competition and the refinement of social division of labor, people require freight forwarders to be able to complete foreign trade transportation tasks with high efficiency, high quality and low freight, and to ensure the smooth performance of trade contracts . For this reason, international freight forwarders are known as the 'designer of transportation' and the organizer and coordinator of 'door-to-door' transportation. The main functions of freight forwarders are: (1) International freight forwarders can use their expertise to provide the safest and most secure Organize transportation in the fastest and most economical way; (2) International freight forwarders establish a customer network and their own branches in the World Trade Center, and use modern information technology to control all transportation activities; (3) International freight forwarders in freight, packaging, Provide consultations and suggestions to enterprises in terms of documents, customs clearance, consular requirements and finance; (4) International freight forwarders concentrate small batches of goods into groups of goods, so that customers can benefit from them; (5) International freight forwarders organization And coordinate transportation, but also affect the mode of transportation, transportation route and transportation rate; (6) International freight forwarders can play the role of financing. 1625
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