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The role of freight forwarding

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The role of freight forwarding 2021-06-20 14:12:21 Guangzhou to Jilin freight dedicated line in the import and export business of the import and export of goods requires air transport companies or shipping companies to transport. In fact, the number of air freight companies or shipping companies is limited. These companies own aircraft or cargo ships, and they do not directly solicit cargo from cargo owners in their operations. The task of soliciting cargo is mainly undertaken by many freight forwarding companies. Air freight companies or shipping companies sign agreements with these freight forwarders to provide freight forwarders with space at the agreed price. The freight forwarder uses these spaces to solicit cargo from the cargo owner at the forwarder price. Freight forwarders mainly provide cargo owners with space, export customs declaration, door-to-door cargo transportation, issuance of bills of lading, and agent inspection and renewal. That is to say, after the cargo owner issues the power of attorney to the freight forwarder and provides customs declaration materials, the freight forwarder will complete the transportation and customs declaration of the goods. In the end, the shipper only needs to obtain the bill of lading, freight and export verification form from the forwarder. According to relevant materials from Fiata, freight forwarders have existed since the 10th century. With the establishment of public warehouses in port cities, maritime trade has expanded and the freight forwarding industry has gradually developed. Now, this industry is developing rapidly abroad, especially when international trade competition is fierce and social division of labor is becoming more and more detailed, the role of freight forwarders is becoming more and more obvious. 1. Fiata's introduction to the role of freight forwarders ① 'Freight forwarders have a lot of expertise, so it can use the safest, fastest and most economical way to organize goods'; ② 'Freight forwarders have established customers in the world's trade centers Net and its own branches can control the entire transportation of goods'; ③'Freight forwarders are the consultants of industrial and trade enterprises. They can provide consultation on freight, packaging, documents, customs clearance, consular requirements, finance, etc.'; ④' Freight forwarders can make suggestions on the possibility of sales in domestic and foreign markets'; ⑤'Freight forwarders can concentrate small batches of goods into groups of goods, and all customers can benefit from this special service'; ⑥'Freight forwarders are not only Organize and coordinate transportation, and affect the creation of new transportation methods, the development of new transportation routes, and the formulation of new tariffs.'
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