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The role of recycling logistics costs in management

by:CNS     2021-07-14
The role of recycled logistics costs in management 2021-06-20 10:44:09 The role of recycled logistics costs in management is manifested in the following aspects. (1) Through the design of recycled logistics costs, it is possible to understand the size of recycled logistics costs and its position in production costs, so as to improve the understanding of the importance of recycled logistics within the enterprise, and from the distribution of recycled logistics costs, you can Discover the problems in the recycling logistics activities. (2) The Guangzhou-Nanchang logistics line will formulate a recycling logistics plan based on the calculation results of recycling logistics costs, adjust recycling logistics activities and evaluate the effects of recycling logistics activities, so as to reduce recycling logistics costs through unified management and systematization. (3) The Guangzhou-Fuzhou logistics line can clarify the person responsible for the unreasonable links in the recycling logistics activities according to the calculation results of the recycling logistics cost, so as to distinguish the responsibilities and improve the management enthusiasm of the responsible person. In short, if the cost of recycling logistics can be calculated accurately, the cost data can be used to greatly improve the efficiency of recycling logistics management. 1011
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