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The role of transportation organization management

by:CNS     2021-07-05
The role of transportation organization management 2021-06-20 13:05:16 Transportation organization management through transportation programs can ensure the efficient operation of transportation vehicles, thereby improving microeconomic benefits. Transportation organization and management effectively coordinate the balance of transportation capacity and volume. In the transportation production process, according to the transportation volume, the transportation capacity is reasonably dispatched, and the effective transportation capacity adjustment is carried out with other transportation companies. Coordinate the balance of transportation volume and capacity to improve the efficiency of the entire system. Transportation organization management can effectively organize the weak links in the system and improve the efficiency and flexibility of the operation of the entire system. Improve the 'bottleneck' part of the transportation system, so that the transportation system can avoid the phenomenon that the operation efficiency of the entire transportation system is reduced due to the inefficient operation of individual parts. Transportation organization management can make overall arrangements and effectively ensure the cooperation in transportation production. As far as the completion process of a freight task is concerned, the whole process is within the scope of the transportation organization from the consignment of the freight to the delivery. In these processes, the transportation department, the cargo owner's department, and the relevant units within the transportation department, through a certain form of organization, work together to complete this transportation task and improve the efficiency of transportation.
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