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The state of air transport

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The status of air transportation 2021-06-20 17:50:10 (1) Scale my country's aviation industry is in the stage of scale expansion. According to the experience of international civil aviation development, the growth period of civil aviation transportation is generally 30-40 years, and the civil aviation industry of our country will maintain a relatively high growth rate in the next 20 years. The civil aviation industry is a highly regulated industry in our country. With the introduction of the 'Civil Aviation System Reform Plan' and the 'Regulations on Foreign Investment in Civil Aviation Industry' in 2000, it shows that the civil aviation industry is deregulated. The change in transportation structure provides room for growth for this rapid development of aviation. According to the historical law of the relationship between the world's civil aviation and the world economy, as well as the relationship between my country's aviation industry and economic growth, Guangzhou Logistics Company will greatly increase the proportion of air transportation in the comprehensive transportation system. At present, my country's air transport volume accounts for less than 1% of the total transport volume, which is far below the level of developed countries, and there is ample room for development. After joining the WTO, it will promote the development of my country's aviation industry. The opening of aircraft maintenance services and the entry of foreign maintenance companies will help reduce the maintenance costs of Chinese airlines; the reduction of tariffs will help civil aviation companies to reduce costs; the introduction of international advanced management models will help improve management efficiency. (2) Technical equipment and facilities The basic technical equipment and facilities of air transportation mainly refer to aircraft, namely aircraft and airports (airports). The structure of the airline air transportation system is a typical network transportation structure. The air network is composed of point systems and line systems, namely, airports and air routes and their services. ① Aircraft. Aircraft includes two types: heavier than air and lighter than air. Each type can be divided into two types: power-driven and non-powered. For example, balloons are lighter than air and are not driven by power; motorboats are lighter than air and driven by power; gliders are heavier than air and not driven by power; airplanes are heavier than air and driven by power. The Guangzhou-Yancheng logistics line is the main means of air transportation in the air transportation industry. ②Airport. The airport is also one of the main facilities of air transportation, including the airport and its auxiliary facilities used in the civil air transportation network. Compared with general airports, the airport has a larger scale and more comprehensive facilities. An airport generally consists of three main parts: flight area, passenger and cargo transportation service area, and maintenance area. In civil aviation, the airport is usually called an airport. ③Air transportation network. Another component of the air transportation network system is composed of air routes, routes, and fleets serving the routes. This article is from 835 reprinted please keep
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