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The strategy of integrating railway transportation into modern logistics

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The strategy of integrating the railway transportation industry into modern logistics 2021-06-20 22:38:281) Establish a modern logistics service business philosophy. Guangzhou logistics company adopts the idea of u200bu200bsupply chain management to serve customers is the core concept of modern logistics enterprise management. For this reason, the railway must establish a customer-oriented all-round service production and management concept, and always take the needs of customers as the basis for its own business process reorganization and service development. At present, railways do not pay enough attention to logistics services and treat all customers with the same service level. It is difficult to evaluate logistics services in a timely manner. It has less information about the market situation and the status of competitors. It is slow to adjust in the interaction of the entire logistics system with the outside world. Therefore, it is necessary to guide and manage the transformation of railway transportation enterprises to modern logistics industry in accordance with the norms of modern logistics management, establish modern logistics management concepts, and establish a modern logistics system. 2) Step by step, and gradually promote the transformation of transportation enterprises to modern logistics enterprises. The transformation of railway freight transportation from traditional transportation methods to multi-functional integrated modern logistics industry is a comprehensive transformation from concept, policy, system to specific operation and implementation, and it cannot be accomplished overnight. With reference to the experience of developed countries, companies operating in a complete sense of modern logistics are more of a third-party logistics that provides 'transportation + warehousing' services or 'transportation + distribution' services. Therefore, the Guangzhou-Qingdao logistics line needs to be reorganized and transformed according to the specific actual conditions of the railway, according to the operation requirements and business model of modern logistics, and gradually promote and develop. 3) Relying on the existing advantages of the railway transportation industry to develop modern logistics industry. The development of modern logistics by railways is by no means a simple business extension, more importantly, it is necessary to adjust the business development strategy of the enterprise based on the updated concept, centering on the needs of customers and the market, and realize the transformation to the modern logistics industry. The nationwide railway network, a relatively complete information management system, a large amount of freight infrastructure, years of experience in marketing and freight forwarding, etc., are the huge advantages and foundations for the transformation of railways from traditional transportation enterprises to modern logistics industry. This article is from 850 reprinted please keep
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