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The tasks, principles and characteristics of warehouse management

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The tasks, principles and characteristics of warehousing management 2021-06-20 21:58:56 (1) The tasks of warehousing management 1. Macro aspect: the use of market economy means to obtain the most effective warehousing resource allocation market allocation of resources is to maximize resources Efficiency is the principle, which is also the purpose of business operations. The allocation of warehousing resources should also be based on the principle that the allocated resources can obtain the maximum benefit. The specific tasks of warehousing management include: the Guangzhou-Penglai logistics line determines the construction of warehousing according to market supply and demand; chooses the location of warehousing based on competitive advantages; determines the specialized division of warehousing and determines warehousing functions based on the difference in production products; and determines the warehousing function Decide on the layout of the warehouse; determine the configuration according to the utilization rate of the warehouse. 2. Microscopic aspect: Organize warehousing production based on the principles of high efficiency and low cost. Warehouse management system is a subsystem of enterprise logistics system. On the premise of ensuring service quality, improving storage efficiency, reducing storage and transportation costs, and reducing storage losses are the main tasks of warehouse management. The specific contents are: (1) Reasonably organize receiving and dispatching to ensure that the receiving and dispatching operations are accurate, rapid, and timely, so that the supply Satisfaction of cargo units and users. (2) Adopt scientific storage and maintenance methods, create a suitable storage environment, provide good storage conditions, and ensure the accurate quantity and quality of the items in the warehouse. (3) Reasonably plan and effectively use various storage facilities, do a good job of innovation and transformation, continuously expand storage capacity, and improve operational efficiency. (4) Actively take effective measures to ensure the personal safety of storage facilities, inventory items and warehouse employees. (5) Do a good job in operation and management, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and improve economic efficiency. (2) The principles of warehousing management Pay attention to efficiency, ensure quality, ensure safety, and emphasize efficiency as the basic principles of warehousing management. 1. Focus on efficiency Efficiency refers to the ratio of the output of a certain product and product to the input of a certain labor factor. High efficiency is the basic requirement of modern production. The high efficiency of warehousing is manifested in the warehousing utilization rate, cargo turnover rate, entry and exit time, loading and unloading time and other indicators, and it is manifested as a 'fast forward, quick exit, more storage, and good custody' warehousing. 2. Guarantee quality Guaranteeing the quality of the stored objects is the fundamental requirement for fulfilling the storage function. Only in this way can the use value of goods be finally realized through logistics. How much time value or profit the Guangzhou-Jiangxi freight dedicated line adds to storage is based on the premise of quality assurance. The modern logistics system already has very effective technical and management methods to maintain the quality of materials and ensure the value of materials. It is also exploring the overall quality management of the logistics system, that is, through the control of the logistics process and the quality of work to ensure the quality of the stored materials. 3. There are many unsafe factors in ensuring safe storage activities, some of them come from inventory, such as some items are toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive, etc.; some come from the process of loading, unloading and handling, such as each type of machinery. Every use has its own operating rules, and accidents may occur if the rules are violated; others are caused by man-made damage. Therefore, it is particularly necessary to strengthen safety education, raise awareness, establish safety systems, and implement the safety production policy of 'safety first, prevention first'. 4. The purpose of production and operation of manufacturers is to maximize profits. As one of the main bodies of market economic activities, the warehousing industry is no exception. It should also be combined and operated around the purpose of obtaining maximum economic benefits. In order to achieve certain economic benefits, the Guangzhou-Nanchang logistics line must strive to achieve the most storage tasks in a timely and accurate manner with the least consumption of human and property. Therefore, planning, controlling and evaluating the storage production process is the main content of storage management. (3) The basic characteristics of warehouse management. Warehouse management activities can be expressed as warehouse management personnel and operators using warehouse facilities and equipment to send, receive and store inventory. Compared with general material production activities, warehouse management activities are obviously different. The main manifestations are as follows: First, the materialized labor and living labor consumed by warehouse management activities do not change the function, nature and use value of labor objects, but maintain harmony Continue its use value. Second, although the products of warehousing management activities have no physical form, they have actual content, namely warehousing services, which are also a special use value provided to others in the form of labor. Third, although the warehouse management activities do not change the use value of the items in the warehouse, they increase the value of the items in the warehouse, that is, all the labor consumption in the warehouse production must be added to the value of the items in the warehouse. Fourth, the quality of warehouse labor is reflected by the quantity and quality of goods in the warehouse, and the timely degree of supply.
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