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The three advantages of air cargo is used to transport goods

by:CNS     2020-07-09
The three advantages of air cargo is used to transport goods, air cargo transportation speed that is the most prominent advantage of air current carrier transport goods in 1 - commonly 3 days will be able to reach the destination, if it is direct, or even just a few hours to ten hours, usually in the can. If you need to transfer, such as a domestic routes to a country, it will transfer in some countries, even if such general 3 - 5 days can arrive. 2, air cargo transport distance short compared to air and sea, many foreign trade chamber of commerce but even transport goods to the same place, air is the shortest distance. Because the shipping channel is a natural formation, midway will constantly adjust direction, while the air is directly to the destination, will not meet obstacles on the way, can the owner of goods transported to the destination at first. Three good safety, aviation cargo, less damage of modern general aviation goods transportation company to transport the goods in the altitude generally in the ten thousand meters, height on this flight, because the air flow smoothly, little bumpy flight, flight time short, can effectively reduce the breakage of the goods will be to a minimum. Especially for fragile and perishable, more suitable for the use of air transport.
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