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The transport by air freight

by:CNS     2020-05-22
Air transport is commonly used in the following work: become an important tool for international transportation, for foreign away, promote technology, international economic cooperation and cultural exchanges play an important role. Apply to the high added value, low quality of small volume of goods transport; In most case, it is conducted on the basis of daily operation; Quick transportation way; Postal transportation means; It is to realize the bird type transport a new mode of transportation. Air transport air transport often seen as other transportation means can't use, a very safe way for emergency services. It quickly in a timely manner, the price is expensive, but for committed to global market vendors, when consider the inventory and customer service, cost of air transport may be the most economical transportation mode. Its main advantages are: high-speed direct sex because the air is less affected by natural geographical conditions, route to take the shortest distance between two points in general. High safety performance along with the progress of science and technology, aircraft technical innovation constantly, make its safety performance enhancements, accident rate is low, lower insurance rates accordingly. Economy is good, use fixed number of year is longer than the other. Packaging requirements is low, because of air navigation and automatic landing system to reduce the proportion of goods change, so can reduce the packaging requirements. And after to avoid loss and damage to the goods have obvious advantages. Low level of inventory. Maintain competitiveness and expand market. Disadvantages: limited by climatic conditions, to a certain extent, affected the accuracy of the transport and sex; Need airport facilities, so poor accessibility; The high cost of facilities into high, maintenance; Transportation capacity is small, high energy consumption; Transportation technology demand is high, ( The pilots, flight crew) Groom cost is high.
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