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The types of leasing trade

by:CNS     2020-05-24
Financing lease ( FinancialLease) 。 Financing lease of the subject matter is mainly a leasing company bought by user selected equipment, rent to the user. Lease term is longer, close to the life of the equipment. During the lease term maintenance by the user based on the expiry of the lease, the equipment shall be owned by the user. Or paid by the user with equipment after salvage value. During the equipment use period only rent to a user, leasing companies according to the equipment costs plus interest on cost, share the rent to the lessee, so also known as' completely pay rent 'or' one-time lease '. This is the most basic forms of lease. Operating leases ( OperatingLease) 。 This form of lease term is shorter, during the validity period of equipment used, not just to a user, each user has to pay the rent as part of the equipment investment, so it is also referred to as the 'incomplete payment' lease. During the lease term, provided by the lessor equipment maintenance services, in order to keep the equipment in good condition for rent again. For the lessee, the lease and service offerings, won him an always stay high and new technology for normal operation of the equipment, but the rent is high. Operating lease of the subject matter is common equipment. When the lessee only short-term use some common equipment, often use this way of lease. Operating lease the lessor usually manufacturers engaged in the leasing companies or professional leasing company. Sublet lease. In China on a rental basis equipment introduced from abroad, often by the leasing company in China as a tenant to rent equipment leasing company, to foreign countries and then have sublet the device to domestic users. Sublet the business of leasing company, on the one hand, enterprises provide credit guarantee for the user, is responsible for paying the rent in the name of your own responsibility. On the other hand, for the user to undertake foreign leasing contract negotiation and signing, and all the import formalities and charges. Leasing company in China in addition to the conduction transfer lease, as intermediary enterprises to introduce foreign leasing company for domestic users, business contracts with foreign companies directly by the user. Leasing company in China to open a letter of guarantee, for domestic and the lessee pays the rent on a regular basis. Back to the rent. The lessee to the lessor to lease their own facilities. — As it is signed by the lessee and the lessor first rental agreement, then companies buying and selling contract, by the lessor purchases the subject matter, the rent to the lessee, namely the original owner. This is mainly used in the real estate leasing way, due to the lack of money and the lessee to sell real estate to raise the required capital. Back to rent are all financing lease. The subject matter of the will cost allocation in each phase of the rent. So in the leaseback leasing business, the price of the subject matter often do not reflect the real market price, and more depends on the amount of the funds required for the lessee. Of course also can not be more than its true into the market price.
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