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There are many different trailers out there all

by:CNS     2020-06-29
Flatbed trailers typically range from 12-57 feet in length making them perfect for hauling almost anything that can be strapped down, wood, hay, pipes, etc. Flatbed trailers are used by many companies to transport large amounts of everyday lumber or equipment. Drop deck trailers are typically multi-level flatbeds with the main deck low to the ground and with an overall length between 40-57 feet. These trailers are great for use with transporting vehicles, tractors, cars, trucks, they are low to the ground, long and hold a great amount of weight, and you can add several cars to them if needed. Lowboy trailers are heavy duty haulers usually about 30-60 feet long, they are designed to carry oversized cargo such as such as cranes, bulldozers, and other industrial equipment. Because they are so low to the ground they offer the ability to carry loads up to 12 feet tall, this is something other trailers cannot do. This load demand requires the main trailer deck to be as low to the ground as possible and must meet Truck Trailer Manufactures Associations recommended load ratings. OHC is the only company that provides custom designed Road Load Tested Flooring Kits; one kit contains 10-14 pieces of full trailer length boards. This makes stronger more durable floors and increases safety for your trailer, also saving money by creating a shorter instillation time meaning less out of service time. The kits can also contain any length, width and thickness board you need for you, making the flooring fit perfect for your flatbed, drop deck, or lowboy trailer.
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