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There is no single shipping release around the cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-19
2016 - 06 - 29 13:08:00 easy to avoid and cope with no single release & throughout; If shipper release without collection bill of lading refers to the carrier or his agent such as in the case of did not draw back the original bill of lading, in accordance with the bill of lading on the consignee or notify party with a copy of the bill of lading, or b/l copy and letter of guarantee to release the goods. So the foreign trade in the process of trading some of the pitfalls to avoid shipment release without collection bill of lading. How to avoid the shipment release without collection bill of lading? 1, disorderly blow don't listen to foreign clients, customers no matter size, must insist on your payment. Don't cry because it is old customers or is a very good relationship, because of the brutal and embarrassed with customers do what he thinks about payment security way of payment. This remind novice foreign trade personnel, some eager to contribute to the order, some just to the new unit is eager to show leadership, in communication with the customers think that the customer won't lie to yourself, all of these are for shipment release without collection bill of lading. 2, if in the process of stock, customers don't agree to the remittance, after the goods ready, pictures or the detailed packing list to the customer, to charge the balance again. 3, in contact with the customer designated forwarder shipment matters, should do the following: (five o 'clock 1) To specify forwarder fax or express delivery business license copy. See after the business license copy, industrial and commercial web site or through a lawyer to whether our forwarder local industrial and commercial department to query the registration. Through a lawyer of the query cost is not high, only RMB 200. Don't save this money. ( 2) With appointed forwarder signed a formal contract of carriage. ( 3) Fax order to designated forwarder, that in order to cover the official seal on the back and send the original. ( 4) Keep all the fax with forwarder, keep the faxed copy copy. Order not to pass from the computer, upload from the fax machine. ( 5) Customs to declare value of goods, some guests will have partial payments through underground Banks to domestic private accounts, make less declare value of goods delivery. Now after the shipment release without collection bill of lading, the national maritime court is subject to a filing customs declaration value is not with the customer in the form of invoice shall prevail. 4, after the shipment of goods, in a timely manner to the designated forwarder for original bill of lading, so the whole ark, original bill of lading to the shipping company. This is very important. At the same time, in a timely manner to the designated forwarder for the cost of the original invoice. 5, after get the faxed copy of b/l, promptly notify the customer remit the balance. 6, after shipment, keeps track of the goods in time, most of the shipping company usually can query to the goods on their website. Simply enter the container number or bill of lading number, don't cry because it is busy and neglect to track the goods. 7, to the customer payment, such as E-mail, fax customers don't reply, to specify the goods issuing formal documents, to the reputation of your company, document content warning specified forwarder the consignee without original bill of lading can't put the goods to the consignee, the resulting legal responsibility for the forwarder's account. At the same time, can make a phone call to the customer payment. 8, such as send a lot of email, fax, clients have no news, email to tell the customer, if he don't remittance, after the arrival of the goods, will arrange the return, tell the customer at the same time, China customs will make its blacklist, affect all products imported from China in the future. If there have been no single release cargo, how should handle? By ship company website query goods, such as the shipping company website show container have to empty and loading for other destinations, indicating that the goods have been carry off. So, the original bill of lading is still in the hands of shipper, suggested by the following process: 1, through a lawyer to designated goods issuing lawyer letter and said this goods have already been consignee carry off, to order generation in a limited amount of time to compensate for the loss of the shipper. 2, such as the designated forwarder in a limited amount of time for compensation, fax with designated forwarder all original records and the original charge bill ready, looking for a special maritime lawyer, ready to prosecute specified forwarder. 3, drawback goods, bank interest also can list properly.
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