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Those you don't know the four characteristics of international air cargo!

by:CNS     2020-07-10
Those you don't know the four characteristics of international air cargo! Air logistics development though too late, but the abnormal rapid development trend, particularly the intelligent enterprise management personnel, one of the reason depends on it has the advantage of the many other means of transport can not analogy. Key to sum up, the airlines cargo transport characteristics are: faster, transportation from the shipping industry was the effective date, is known for quick and air freight. To date, the plane is still very convenient transportation, common jet cruising speed of economic development, most of the 850-900 km per hour. Convenient transport greatly shortens the time of goods in transit for these easy to rot, mildew, fresh products; Timeliness, periodic strong ShuBaoKan, section gas commodity; Disaster relief, emergency goods transport, this feature appears especially highlight. To say that, plus the world quickly gathered the air freight the Internet is likely to make people used to look forward to our products fresh and long distance sales market, make customers have a lot of rights and interests. Transport faster and traveling time is shorter, also make the goods in transit to reduce the risk, so a lot of personal items, instruments and meters also usually choose air freight. Now foreign market competition is intense, presented by air cargo services also prompting suppliers can quickly changeable market to international market to respond immediately, the rapid release of preemption market marketable goods, get good economic benefits. Second, the standard is not the road hazards, deep central air express freight using a secure channel, of course, heaven will not be natural geographical standard limit. Standards for pavement extremely fit, the central part of the traffic is not convenient for local resources of inward and outward, promote the development of local economy development trend. Air cargo to local and global, wide scope of opening to the outside world of radiation, and air freight more road freight and railway freight occupies less farmland, the land area is narrow; the development trend of regional opening to the outside world without a doubt, the transportation is very appropriate. Three, security, compared with other means of transport of air cargo safety coefficient is higher, in 1997, the world's international airlines for flight 1800 vehicles, only 11 have a major accident, risk rate of about one over three million. International airlines, shipping management scheme is relatively perfect, the damage to the goods rate is low, if choose the method with airmail shipping container transport goods, is more security. Four, save packaging, commercial insurance, loan interest cost method for selection of air freight, goods in transit time is shorter, capital turnover is faster, the company can relatively reduce inventory goods. On the one hand, good assets, reduce the interest expense, on the other hand the company of logistics cost can also be reduced. And because airlines freight transportation safety, less s, cargo damage, lower premiums. Compared with other means of transport, air cargo simple packaging, packaging costs reduced. Decrease of the hidden costs of company profit. Nature, air freight is also has its own limitation, specific performance in air freight logistics transport cost higher than other means of transport, unfavorable use value of goods; Airline transportation & ndash; — The airport capacity are limited, the large items of goods or a large number of items in the ship has a certain limit; Flight safety is very vulnerable to the extreme climate hazards. But in general, with the flourish of technical for the use of the more common and goods tend to be more thin, light, short, small, high use value, management more attaches great importance to delivery timeliness, credibility, firmly believe that air freight logistics will also have a bigger development future.
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