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Through actual case to remind the international air port enterprise of trade fraud

by:CNS     2020-07-10
Through actual case to remind the international air port enterprise of trade information from the Ministry of Commerce official fraud: recently, the Chinese embassy in Kenya business offices many times received your letter of import and export companies in China: according to the foreign trade export business with the companies such as Kenya, a trade fraud, cause the goods stranded Kenyan port of Mombasa, produce high railway, or goods are go but without payment, enterprise losses! Embassy in Kenya business offices are summarized as follows recent cases, again through the actual case, remind international air transportation export enterprise of trade fraud. The Ministry of Commerce official: recently, the Chinese embassy in Kenya's economic and trade office received a letter from the import and export companies in China: it is said that in the foreign trade export business with companies such as Kenya's case, the company suffered from trade fraud, cause in the Kenyan port of Mombasa for goods, lead to high port charge, or cargo was taken leave, but not paid payment. The Kenyan embassy economic and commercial office is now summarize recent cases, and through actual cases, again remind fraudulent trade export company. , the introduction of A domestic company B company contact and contact with the United States signed an export contract with B company. The contract goods shall be sent to the international air transport branch to the port of Mombasa Kenya. B company contact E-mail confirmation paid by the headquarters of the United States, payment terms of 0 a60 days. After completing the first batch of goods in A company, the other party to increase A batch of goods. When A company began to urge the first payment, the other party's response was to apply for A visa. Payment will be paid to the company, the second batch of goods files need to be in the hands of B company contacts. Contact person to arrange payment together. Another delay payment for many times, and later said the company's chief executive, B hand and foot injuries due to serious traffic accident, temporarily unable to pay. He said later, chief executive officer died in the accident, can not arrange payment. A company think that things are not good. Immediately entrust other customers know the situation, found that claims to Kenya branch address is correct, but I couldn't find the company. Domestic company with Swiss famous B of Internet communication, asked to send A company B company and details of the report. The examination and approval of company A to local export credit insurance companies in China, finally signed two batches of export contract with company B, and to the company headquarters in Switzerland and Kenya sent two batches of goods. A company by OA 60 days of export credit insurance company accept insurance, bill of lading directly mailed to B company contacts. After receiving the bill of lading, the Swiss company, said the two batch of goods is not determined by them, and suspect they pretend to be fraudulent, and Kenya, the company has nothing to do with it. Domestic company A and company B Kenya sign sales contract, the agricultural chemicals and specify the citic insurance. A company will three ticket goods sent to B company designated Mombasa port ( The consignee in Uganda) of the cargo And all the original file will be the first ticket through bank payment to company B designated bank of Uganda. Payment expires, B company neither payment or delivery. Therefore, A company requires another bank return the full set of documents by the clearing bank, but another bank return the bill of lading is A color print, instead of the original bill of lading. When A company contact by using the method of citic provide B company, B company did not sign A contract with A company. Therefore, determine someone pretending to be A company B company and sign A contract with them. Such cases of fraud has a strong similarity: 1. In Uganda, Kenya and foreign well-known enterprises ( Or its subsidiaries) In Uganda, in the name of the registered intermediary company, using its visibility and information for fraud, forgery, signature and employee identity, and sign a fake contract. 2. Risky payment transactions. Because of my export company the lack of the understanding of new markets and are eager to expand trade, we require the use of credit sales ( O / A) And other sellers with high payment risk, and refused to pay, or even lose after shipping links. In view of this, it is suggested that domestic companies in their dealings with businesses such as Uganda and Kenya to be more vigilant, pay attention to the following: one, avoid to use the high risk of payment for transactions, and try to use l/c in order to reduce risk; Second, is to carefully select trading partner, serious information recognition abroad, through various channels to understand each other's credit status, including telephone contact with the company headquarters, branch to verify the authenticity and order; Three, after the case, in a timely manner to take appropriate legal measures to protect their own rights and interests, such as timely report to the Chinese Interpol, and the personnel assigned to cargo handling the goods returned or transhipment, to minimize the losses and to the competent authorities and the economic and trade office of the embassy reflects this.
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