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To know the size of the goods to avoid cost impact

by:CNS     2020-08-19
To know the size of the goods to avoid affect the cost of shipping industry has a recurring theme in need of repair. Shanghai by air in this industry for more than 16 years old enterprise, we have seen this kind of situation many times. Suppliers to provide their buyers box size, they are not always specify the size of the tray. This information may not know before shipment, also may not be reflected in the packing list, so it's easy to see why it happen very often. However, if you want to avoid delays and more & other; Unforeseen & throughout; The challenges and costs, I suggest you around a process to ensure that this will not happen to you. As Shanghai air freight company, we can view each box supplier packing list details, such as size, Length x width x height) And the gross weight per container. Only with this information, your forwarder should be able to calculate the volume weight and comparing with the total weight. We often received the goods rate request may not be the final weight, this will greatly increase the freight. Simple ways to prevent this lucky is supplier provide proforma invoice/packing list in advance, to reflect the order of the cube and the final total volume weight. Obviously, if buy goods reflects the form, any differences, errors are due to supplier. 1. Packing list in the first place, the packing list you need to display the name of origin and destination names. It should also show the description of the goods, gross weight, size, weight and the final cube. If you are using the tray, tray size must be in the final cube or the total weight of the following is given below. 2. Airlines regulation: weight correct airlines to check the final total weight and volume weight, and select which weight is more big. In the end, the shipper or the consignee responsible for any modified weight, so you want to do right. How do you determine your final volume weight is more than the gross weight of you? Airlines use ratio for 166. The length of your goods times you multiplied by the width of your height, in order to achieve your cubic inches. Since then, you will be divided by 166 cubic inches to gain weight in pounds per unit volume. W L x x H = cubic inches. Cubic inches / 166 = weight in pounds per volume. To sum up, whether you are transported by air or ocean shipping, should be consistent understanding of the size of your goods, and make sure that you have to understand how they affect your cost, schedule and the overall logistics personnel. If you need more immediate help, please ask for a quotation immediately and talking with our expert! Shanghai air 丨 ( )
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