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Today's air transportation industry should consider how to use their own advantages to open international market

by:CNS     2020-07-31
Today's air transportation industry should consider how to use their own advantages to open up international markets to air freight the new trend of future development of analysis and prospect. First introduce the basic concepts of air cargo in Shanghai air company, this paper expounds the characteristics and functions of air cargo; Secondly analyzes foreign air cargo, the present situation and development trend for the development of foreign air cargo is analyzed, and using the UPS as the case analysis; Then on the current situation of the domestic air cargo market analysis; Finally analyzes the problems existing in domestic air cargo, analyses its future trend, and the motion is analyzed as a case. With the development of economy, the deepening of social division of labor, Shanghai air cargo logistics for the enterprise can win in the market plays a more and more important role. Any goods from the producer to the consumer to the transfer of space are relying on a central part of the logistics & ndash; — Transportation. For the air transport is one of the five basic transportation because of its faster speed, shorter transport time and to save total transportation cost of supply chain, become the core strength to promote the development of the global economic sustainable and healthy. International air freight fast along with the global air transport network, is likely to make our desire and fresh goods before opening long-distance market, make consumers enjoy more benefits. Delivery speed, traveling time is short, also lower the risk of the goods in transit, so many valuables, precision instruments are also often take the form of air transport. In today's international market competition is intense, fast service is provided by the air transport allows the supplier to respond to rapidly changing foreign market immediately, quickly occupy the market launch of marketable products, achieve better economic benefit.
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