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Today's air transportation with which land transportation than the advantage

by:CNS     2020-07-31
Today's air transport with which land transport ratio not the advantage of international air transportation is the fastest mode of transportation, so suitable for long-distance transport of goods need less time, fast service, air provide comfortable, efficient and fast transportation services. Is considered to be the best mode of transportation to transport perishable goods. No investment in infrastructure. International air do not emphasize the construction of the railway track. Because do not need to capital investment of the ground track, so the transportation cost is low. In other traffic is not easy to close to the area. Air express is regarded as the only means of transportation. From the ground. No physical barriers, sea mountain forest will not hinder the air flight route. Because the custom formalities done soon. Plays an important role in the defense, because modern warfare was conducted with the help of the aviation aircraft. Aircraft can be in one has the upper hand to destroy the enemy in a short time. International air freight always focus on the open air transport. Should know the trend of the global air transportation liberalization and China air transport open case, if we analyze the air transport based on open air transport is the competition. Explains the trend of the aviation globalization, because aviation technology, international business, civil affairs, etc. Analyzes the reform on China's air transport or international air condition limits the development of China aviation international factors.
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