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Transport of fragile goods should pay attention to what?

by:CNS     2020-05-10
We often encounter all kinds of goods in the process of transportation, guangzhou today said Hong Kong logistics for fragile what problem should note in the process of transportation. 1. Fragile packaging is very important, if you have the outer packing, the packaging of liner material to be thick, make the goods not easily shaking, and liner can't squeeze the goods. If the goods are not packing that must be used plywood and rope tight. 2. Fragile when had better not the same car transport transport other fragmentary goods at the same time, if you need to can't spell goods and afraid of wet heat or flammable, easy absorption, easy pollution items in check, be careful when loading light with light. Can't let it roll, avoid too great pressure. 3. Speed wants even, in the process of transportation can't emergency brake, accelerate, avoid rough road.
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