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Transport status

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The status of transportation 2021-06-20 17:17:091) Transportation is one of the main functional elements of logistics. According to the concept of logistics, logistics is the physical movement process of 'things'. This movement not only changes the time state of things, but also changes the space state of things. The transportation is the main task of changing the spatial state of objects, and it is the primary means to change the spatial state. Before the birth of the modern logistics concept, even today, many people still mistake transportation for logistics. The reason is that transportation bears a large part of logistics and is the main part of logistics. 2) Transportation is a necessary condition for social production materials. Transportation is the basis and prerequisite for a country's economic development. Marx once called transportation the 'fourth material production department' and regarded transportation as the continuation of production activities. Although transportation is based on the production process, production activities cannot be completed without transportation. Therefore, although the nature of this production activity of transportation is different from that of general production activities, it cannot create new material products, nor can it increase the number of material products, cannot give new use value to the product, but can only change its spatial state, but This change allowed production to go on and continued social reproduction, so it was regarded as the 'fourth material production sector.' The Guangzhou-Huai'an logistics line learned that transportation as a necessary condition for social material production is mainly manifested in the following four aspects. 1) In the production process department, transportation is a direct component of production. Without transportation, the various links within production cannot be connected to each other. 2) Transportation is the continuation of the production process. It connects various departments of the national economy, various enterprises, and even different countries and regions. 3) Transportation can create 'space utility'. The meaning of space utility is that the same kind of 'things' are different in their space and place, so the degree of realization of their use value is also different, and the realization of utility is also different. Due to the change of space, it affects the maximum use value and the maximum output ratio, which is called 'space utility'. Through transportation, the 'things' can be transported to the place with the highest space utility, and its potential can be maximized and the optimal allocation of resources can be realized. In this sense, the Guangzhou-Suqian logistics line is equivalent to improving the use value of goods through transportation. 4) Transportation is the main source of the 'third source of profit'. ①Transportation needs to be carried out in motion. It is different from static storage. It requires a lot of power to achieve this activity, and transportation assumes the main transfer task in logistics activities, so it has a long duration, long distance, and high consumption. The greater the potential for savings. ②From the perspective of freight, the cost of transportation occupies the largest proportion in the entire logistics activity. The freight of some products is even higher than the production cost of the product, so the potential for saving is great. ③Because the total mileage of transportation is at the end and the total amount is large, the transportation plan and rationalization of transportation can greatly shorten the transportation ton-kilometers, thereby obtaining relatively large savings. This article is from 829 reprinted please keep
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