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Transportation hub

by:CNS     2021-07-06
The main transportation hub 2021-06-20 21:36:59 The main transportation hub is also the transfer logistics node in the logistics network. It is mainly used to connect different modes of transportation or the same mode of transportation. It is a node on a transportation route, such as a railway. Freight station (or cargo yard); water port terminal; aviation airport; road freight station, etc. As a temporary stop in the process of goods transported to the final consumer in the logistics network, the stay time of goods on the main transportation hub is relatively short. With the development of logistics services to fast, punctual, and low-cost trends, the main transportation hub has become a key factor in the realization of logistics service goals. The main transportation hub has the functions of loading and unloading, handling, storage, stowage and certain circulation, processing and information processing. In this sense, it has certain commonalities with logistics centers and distribution centers, but its main function is reflected in handover transportation. . Because the operation of the logistics system is based on the integrated transportation system, the conversion between multiple transportation modes is often carried out in the main transportation hub, so it is extremely important to determine the development strategy of the main transportation hub in the logistics network. Combining with our modern logistics development strategic goals, the strategic focus for the main transportation hub is as follows. 1. Reasonable planning of the spatial layout of the main transportation hub, especially the newly-built main transportation hub. With the development of the main transportation network, according to the actual situation, it is necessary to build a new transportation hub that meets the needs of my country's logistics development. Reasonable planning mainly includes: (1) Determine the optimal number of main transportation hubs; (2) Determine the location of the main transportation hub; (3) Determine the size of the main transportation hub; (4) Determine the function and configuration of the main transportation hub; In the process of positioning the main transportation hub, one factor is usually more important than others. On the basis of coordinating the restrictive relationship between economy and speed, more emphasis should be placed on economy. Generally speaking, the location selection of the main transportation hub should follow the following principles: fully consider the distribution of service objects; choose the central area or city for economic development; choose the overlapping and intersecting areas of transportation modes; be conducive to the optimization of the logistics network; be conducive to all types Reasonable division of labor, coordination and cooperation of nodes, selection of areas with better land development resources; in line with the characteristics of non-existent logistics. In addition, if the number of main transportation hubs in the logistics network increases, inventory and the inventory costs caused by it tend to increase. Therefore, it is of great significance to rationally merge to reduce the number of main transportation hubs and expand their radiation range. 2. Reasonable utilization, transformation and upgrading of existing traditional transportation hubs. For the existing traditional transportation hubs, such as freight stations, port terminals, etc., focus on the rational utilization, transformation and upgrading of existing transportation hubs, and broaden their service functions. 3. Speed u200bu200bup operational efficiency The main transportation hub, as a transshipment logistics node, usually connects multiple transportation methods. Modern logistics aims to be fast, economical, safe, and better to satisfy customers. Speeding up the operation efficiency of the main transportation hub can reduce the stagnation time of various transportation equipment and reduce the total social cost.
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