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Transportation Operation Management Information System

by:CNS     2021-07-06
Transportation operation management information system 2021-06-20 09:14:45 For a modern logistics company, the use of resources is no longer limited to its own resources. It is necessary to make full use of all resources in the society. Therefore, in the management of transportation equipment, both It can manage the transportation facilities owned by the company, and also manage all the transportation facilities in the society. For example, for road transportation, it is mainly to manage the licenses, basic conditions, and business dealings between drivers and vehicles; for aviation, railways, etc., it is mainly to manage their schedules, prices, and business dealings. The transportation process is an important part of the entire logistics operation system. Half of the logistics cost in China is spent on transportation. The transportation operation management information system can greatly reduce transportation costs and improve the management level of enterprises. Generally speaking, the system provides basic information management, inquiry and quotation management, freight entrusted management, vehicle planning and scheduling management, optimized stowage management, cargo insurance management, cargo tracking, cost accounting management, expense settlement management, information inquiry and non-full load cargo Stowage management, and auxiliary stowage through graphic display to reduce transport vehicles or increase the loading rate. The transportation operation management information system can scientifically and reasonably optimize transportation resources, reduce the empty load rate of vehicles, and use related algorithms such as heuristic algorithms to achieve full load, thereby greatly improving the economic benefits of transportation and the accuracy of vehicle scheduling. Entrusted customers can use the Internet or call, Guangzhou to Tieling Logistics to know the location and status of their goods and whether they have been delivered to the destination. Copyright statement: Please respect the original content of the logistics industry. If you need to reprint this article, please indicate the original address of the article. This article was originally created by Guangzhou Logistics Yuanbang Logistics Company. Business Phone: 020-32581540 Original Address: 1315
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