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Transportation system and its functions

by:CNS     2021-07-05
Transportation system and its functions 2021-06-20 10:52:17 (1) Transportation system As the most basic system in the logistics system, the transportation system refers to various factors related to transportation activities (such as transportation methods and their combinations) It constitutes a whole, which includes the transportation system in the production field and the transportation system in the circulation field. 1) The transportation system in the production field. Transportation in the production field is generally carried out within the production enterprise, so it is also called intra-plant transportation. As an integral part of the production process, it directly serves the production of material products. Its content includes the transportation of raw materials, work-in-process, semi-finished products and finished products. This kind of in-plant transportation is also called material handling. 2) The transportation system in the circulation field. As a link in the circulation field, transportation in the circulation field is the continuation of the production process in the circulation field. Its main content is the transportation of material products, which is the process of completing the physical transfer of goods from the production field to the consumption field in terms of spatial location. It includes both the direct movement of goods from the place of production to the place of consumption (user), and the movement of goods from the place of production to the place of consumption (user). The distribution center moves to the middlemen's items. The most common transportation systems are self-operated transportation system, business transportation system, public transportation system and third-party logistics transportation system. (2) The function of transportation The function of transportation is mainly to create 'space utility' and 'time utility' of goods, in addition to a certain storage function. 1) The 'space utility' of transportation. Space utility is also called 'place utilityThe purpose of commodity production is for consumption. Generally speaking, the positions of commodity production and consumption are inconsistent, that is, there is a positional deviation. Only by eliminating this deviation can the use value of the commodity be realized, which requires transportation. In addition, the degree of realization of the use value of the goods in different positions is different, that is, the utility value is different. Guangzhou to Fangchenggang logistics transfer goods from places with low utility value to places with high utility value through transportation activities, so that the use value of goods can be better realized, that is, to create the best utility value of goods. 2) The 'time utility' of transportation. Time utility means that the items are at different moments, and their utility value is different. Through storage and storage, the items are delayed from the moment when the utility value is low to the moment when the value is high before entering the consumption, so that the use value of the item is better. achieve. 3) Storage function of transportation. Because it takes time to transport goods, especially long-distance transportation, it takes longer. During this process, the goods are stored in the transportation tool. In order to avoid damage or loss of the goods, it is necessary to create certain conditions for the storage of the goods in the transportation tool. Objectively create the time utility of the item. In the transit supply system, when items pass through transportation nodes (stations, docks), they sometimes need to stay for a short time (such as one to several days).At this time, if the goods are unloaded into the warehouse, and then loaded and shipped, the cost will be refunded. It is more cost-effective to temporarily store it in a transportation vehicle. In this case, it is reasonable to use the vehicle as a temporary warehouse for short-term storage. 1486
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