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Transshipment of cargo in international maritime transport

by:CNS     2021-07-14
Transshipment of international sea freight 2021-06-20 13:34:21 goods that are delivered from a foreign port to this port and then transferred to another country's port, and the carrier has issued a through bill of lading, is called international sea freight. The conversion and loading of international sea cargo in China requires a series of procedures and a series of operations. However, accepting entrustment at the transit port to handle these procedures and operations is one of the businesses that ship agents are often entrusted to do. However, considering the safe transportation of goods and the responsibility of the carrier, for dangerous goods, heavy cargo, fresh, frozen and bulk goods, as well as the carrier has issued a direct bill of lading, and the purpose is changed due to the decision of the carrier or the consignee. The cargo in the port cannot be handled on behalf of transshipment procedures. The agent cannot accept the entrustment even if the entrusting party has not made an entrustment and clearly defined the burden or apportionment of the cost before the ship carrying the intermodal cargo arrives at the port.
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