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truck freight rate: truck freight rate hiked by 18% | ranchi news - times of india

by:CNS     2019-12-14
Jharkhand association of truck owners (JTOA)
Truck freight in the state increased by up to 18% on Saturday.
Just a day after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced a price increase in diesel, the price of diesel will not fall.
Freight up 50,000-effective
Strange truck on Saturday morning
JTOA organized a protest to lower diesel prices.
\"Truck drivers suffer huge losses every day,\" said Prabhat Kumar Santu, secretary general of JTOA . \".
\"One group insists on raising interest rates by 20%, while the other group is reluctant to exceed 15%.
Finally, a consensus was reached . \"
Uday Shankar Ojha, chairman of JTOA, said: \"It was a painful decision, but we have no other choice.
\"A truck is loaded with at least 15 tons of goods for a two-way fee.
Earlier, the interest rate was 2 rupees. 4 per km.
The rate hike also includes some conditional charges.
The increase in truck freight charges may affect the cost of building materials.
\"As the cost of transportation increases, the cost of bricks, cement, debris and sand will soar.
It will become more expensive to buy an apartment and we expect an increase of at least Rs 50
For a few days, the price of an apartment is 100 per square foot . \"
Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry in charkend (
Rising freight charges will lead to a sharp rise in the price of basic goods, Fj said.
\"This will affect the prices of all food, engineering products and vegetables,\" said r d Singh, a member of FJCCI . \".
All India Motor Transport Conference (AIMTC)
Just one day after the government made the decision, truck freight rose by 15%.
Jharkhand Bus Owners Association (JBOA)
Ranch\'s diesel drivers Association has also raised fares by 10% on all routes.
R d Singh, a member of FJCCI, said the increase in truck freight would affect ordinary people.
\"The rise in bus and car fares has affected normal life,\" Singh said . \".
Diesel prices in Jharkhand have risen by RS 5.
9 liters per liter due to VAT, even if the center only increased by RS 5.
Hemant Soren, the deputy chief minister who also holds the financial portfolio, assured people on multiple occasions that the state government would lower the price by 90 paisa.
But it hasn\'t landed yet.
Jharkhand Petroleum Dealers Association (JPDA)
Plans to submit a memorandum to the government on this.
\"Why can\'t Jharkhand do this when other states can cancel VAT to lower diesel prices,\" asked kalica SA, a member of the association.
JPDA will submit a memorandum to Chief Minister Arjun Munda within a few days.
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