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truck freight rates up in january

by:CNS     2019-11-15
The first month of this calendar year brought some cheers to the trucking industry, as the freight on the trunk route increased by 6-
As the supply of goods in the agricultural sector has improved, there has been an increase in FMCG (
Fast Moving Consumer Goods)output. “With 20-
Cargo Flow of Fruits, vegetables and food increased by 25, 4-
During January, the rental of trucks rose by 5 percentage points in manufacturing output, particularly FMCG.
According to a statement from IFTRT, this is the first significant increase in truck rents since January 2012 (
Foundation for transport research and training, India). Rent in Delhi-Mumbai-
Round trip to Delhi 9-
Tons of payload trucks rose 6 percentage points in Rs.
61,000 againstRs, February 1.
January 2 57,800. Delhi-Chennai-Delhi round-
The number of travelers increased by seven percentage points. 94,700 from Rs.
88,500 and Delhi-Ranchi-
Travel rent in Delhi rose 8 cents to RS. 61,000 from Rs. 56,500.
The most important factor contributing to the recovery of freight costs is the shrinking fleet of trucks on the trunk road.
There are already 15-
The number of state-licensed trucks in medium-and long-term transport fell by 20 per cent.
In addition, the sharp decline in resale prices of used trucks has also led to the loss of truck fleets.
Price of old trucks (
Five years or more)fell 25-
This prevents truck drivers from selling old vehicles and buying new ones.
S said: \"The trucking industry needs a decline in truck sales to reduce overcapacity caused by the period October 2009 to March 2012 . \"P. Singh of IFTRT.
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