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Types of distribution processing

by:CNS     2021-07-12
Types of circulation processing 2021-06-20 20:18:33 From the perspective of meeting customer needs and facilitating distribution, the types of circulation processing operations are as follows. (1) In order to make up for the lack of processing in the production area, many products can only be processed to a certain extent in the production area. This is because there are many limiting factors that limit the production area to be unable to fully realize the ultimate processing. For example, the large-scale production of steel plants can only be produced according to the specifications stipulated by the standard, so that the products have strong versatility, so that the production can have higher efficiency and benefits; if the wood is completed in the place of production, it is made into wood products. It will cause great difficulty in transportation, so the original production field can only process round wood and board square wood. Further processing such as blanking, cutting, and processing is completed by circulation processing. This kind of circulation processing is actually the continuation of production, and it is of great significance to make up for the lack of processing in the production field. (2) Service processing to meet the diversification of demand. From the perspective of demand, demand has two characteristics: diversification and change. In order to meet this demand, the logistics of Guangzhou to Changde often set up processing links by users themselves, such as production and consumption. Reproduction of type users often starts from the primary processing of raw materials. As far as users are concerned, the requirement of modern production is that production-oriented users can minimize the process and concentrate their efforts on more complex and technical labor, and are unwilling to take in a large amount of primary processing. This kind of primary processing is service-oriented and is completed by circulation processing, so that production-oriented users can shorten their production process and increase the intensity of production technology. For general consumers, they can eliminate tedious pre-disposal work and engage in higher-level labor that can directly meet their needs. (3) The processing to protect the product In the logistics process, there are problems with the protection of the product until the user uses it, to prevent the product from being lost in the process of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, etc., so that the use value can be Smoothly achieved. Different from the first two kinds of processing, this kind of processing does not change the shape and nature of the 'things' entering the circulation field, and mainly adopts methods such as stabilization, modification, freezing, and oiling. (4) Improve logistics efficiency and facilitate logistics processing. Some products are difficult to carry out logistics operations. For example, the handling and storage of fresh fish are difficult; the handling and handling of oversized equipment is difficult; the handling of gas transportation is difficult. Circulation processing can make all aspects of logistics easy to operate, such as freezing of fresh fish, dismantling of oversized equipment, and gas liquefaction. This kind of processing often changes the physical state of the product, but does not change its chemical properties and can eventually restore the original physical state. (5) Circulation processing to promote sales Circulation processing can play a role in promoting sales from several aspects. For example, sub-packaging of oversized packages or bulk materials (which are required to improve logistics efficiency) into small packages suitable for one-time sales; change the original transportation packaging that mainly protects products to promote sales In order to attract consumers and guide consumption; assemble parts and accessories into finished products for direct sales; wash and cut vegetables and meat to meet consumer requirements. This kind of circulation processing may be processing that does not change the body of the 'thing1499
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